About Us

Youpi. Montreal Canadian. Hockey. Fun.

Who We Are

We empower local communities, care for the environment, and are at the forefront of the creation of Nicaragua's first skateboarding Olympic Team.

Love. Live. Laugh. Sponsor. Kids. Teach. Help. Make the world a better place.

2019 Strategy

Share our commitment to make this world a better place. All we need is you to step up with us and be a part of something very special. Click the take action to find out more!

Saving the turtles. Helping mother earth. Healing the planet. Donate. Give love.

Together We Are Stronger!

Imagine the joy and fulfillment you’ll feel when telling your kids and grandkids how you helped saved the environment, spearheaded an Olympic Team, and created a daycare for Mom’s in need? What a testimony!